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Meazure Learning's Certification & Licensure Testing

MeazureLearning is an accomplished full-services certification and licensure testing company. We allow your stakeholders to excel in their profession through the development of competency-based testing, training, and high-stakes certification programs. We design our services to sync with one another in a single platform that ties all your services together from beginning to end. Examinations are loaded just one time for all test delivery solutions, including testing at your facilities, MeazureLearning’s domestic test sites, MeazureLearning's international test sites, or through live online proctoring.

Technology Service Partnerships and Alliances

Ensure that your customers and/or network members have the right technology resources for IT performance, security, and availability. MeazureLearning Technology Solutions delivers consistent service and support nationwide. Our technology service business partner programs offer communication, sales, and marketing benefits designed to build your profitability and support your ongoing organizational goals. We collaborate with you to develop, market, and implement turnkey technology solutions to help fulfill your customer’s IT needs.

Extend your support reach and responsiveness

MeazureLearning was recently ranked #23 in the top 501 managed service providers in the world by Channel Futures. This ranking is based on a combination of annual revenue, recurring revenue, growth in supported devices and users, and growth in staff size, as well as other criteria. This is due in no small part to our high emphasis on consistent growth through better partnership with reliable, trustworthy technology providers. Throughout the US and Canada, we currently support more than 300,000 pieces of contracted equipment from over 150 vendors. We provide services across markets for POS equipment, PCs, Check Scanners, Printers, Servers and technology peripherals. The following is just a representative sample of some of our alliance partners.

Candidate Services

Meazure Learning offers more than 1,350 test center locations in 115 countries that allow us to provide Internet-based and paper and pencil testing in a proctored environment. Of the top 100 U.S. cities by population, 98% of candidates are within 15 miles of a Meazure Learning testing center. We pride ourselves on the consistency and quality of our testing facilities. Our attention to detail and advanced technology make our testing exceptional for our candidates. Our network is scalable to fit the needs of our clients; for programs researching a delivery partnership, Meazure Learning can provide an analysis of our sites in relation to your candidate population. has a list of testing centers where you may take your exam. Be sure to choose your Licensing Authority/Sponsor name from the drop down menu for an accurate list. Your exam’s Candidate Information Bulletin will also have a list of locations where your exam is administered.

Many test appointments can be cancelled and/or rescheduled through the Meazure Learning Web site. Typically we allow you to schedule 1 day prior if space is available and we require 2 business days to reschedule your exam without penalty. Check your Candidate Information Bulletin for your program’s particular rescheduling rules.

Please note that not all Licensing Authorities/Sponsors require eligibility to take their exam, therefore, you may be able to test immediately. For those programs requiring eligibility, the files are downloaded and test appointment scheduling is available within 24-48 hours of receiving authorization from the licensing authority.

The testing centers’ primary purpose is to administer exams. Candidates should visit our website or contact our Candidate Service Center to schedule an exam appointment. Test center staff are not able to schedule appointments for their test center under any circumstances.

When you go to our website or speak to a representative from our Candidate Service Center you will be asked to provide your preferred test date. The first available time slot on that date will be offered to you. If your preferred appointment date is not available, a Candidate Service Center representative will work with you to identify a convenient appointment date.

In rare cases weather or an emergency forces a test center closure. If this happens you will be contacted by the Meazure Learning rescheduling department within 24-48 hours to reschedule your appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience. Real time site information is posted at Meazure

Exam sessions are available at least 6 weeks in advance. You will have the best opportunity to schedule your preferred date if you contact us 4-6 weeks prior to your preferred date.

You should arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes before the test is scheduled to begin.

ID requirements vary by Licensing Authority or Sponsor. It is the examinee’s responsibility to review the ID requirements for the exam you are taking before making your appointment. Please refer to your Candidate Information Bulletin for their specific ID requirements.

All exams must be administered at a Meazure Learning Test Center unless specifically mandated by your exam’s Licensing Authority/Sponsor.

Yes, there are lockers. However, because the only item allowed into the testing area is identification, we encourage test takers to leave personal items at home or locked securely in your car’s trunk.

Food and drinks are not permitted in the testing rooms. Some of the exams that we administer do allow you to take a break. The exams that do not offer break time will allow you to leave the testing area to get a drink or take medication. However, the amount of time designated for that exam is not stopped when you are away from your computer.

A typical Test Center seats 10 candidates. Test center proctors provide a quiet and comfortable environment for all test takers. Noise reducing earplugs are available for an even quieter environment. Your Test center proctor would be glad to assist you if you have questions.

Testing Center Hours:

Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm

* Saturday 10 am – 2 pm

** open on selected Saturdays – ONLY